“As someone who prioritizes their fitness & health, you need a provider who understands the demands of your training, your lifestyle, and your injuries. At FitnessTx, we specialize in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain, movement dysfunction, & athletic performance to keep you performing at your best — in your training and throughout your life.”


We believe optimal health is best achieved through the consistent pursuit of fitness. Your ability to continue training over a lifespan is essential to your overall health. FitnessTx was built out of this understanding - engineered to assist in your training and performance. Read on to see what else you'll find by working with FitnessTx:


Your most valued asset. Save time by avoiding visits to additional medical providers, costly imaging, and pharmaceutical solutions that only mask the issue. Be seen fast and discover the root cause of your symptoms so you can begin recovering immediately.


Trusting a medical provider with your recovery is important, and finding a provider who understands your active lifestyle is no easy task. FitnessTx was built solely out of that need; treatment for your fit lifestyle.



The highest quality, individualized care for an exceptional experience. Schedule today to get exactly what you’ve been looking for: Solutions — in your control, in your environment, and in your language.


What We Treat

From Headaches to Turf Toe - We have you covered. 

Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Upper back/Scapula
Elbow Tendinopathy
Low back pain
Hip impingement
Knee pain
Achilles’ tendinopathy
Ankle pain