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“As someone who prioritizes their fitness & health, you need a provider who understands the demands of your training, your lifestyle, and your injuries. At FitnessTx, we specialize in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain, movement dysfunction, & athletic performance to keep you performing at your best — in your training and throughout your life.”


We believe optimal health is best achieved through the consistent pursuit of fitness. Your ability to continue training over a lifespan is essential to your overall health. FitnessTx was built out of this understanding - engineered to assist in your training and performance. Read on to see what else you'll find by working with FitnessTx:


Your most valued asset. Save time by avoiding visits to additional medical providers, unnecessary and costly imaging, and pharmaceutical solutions that only mask the issue. Be seen fast and discover the root cause of your symptoms, so you can begin recovering immediately.


Trusting a medical provider with your recovery is important, and finding a provider who understands your training and lifestyle is no easy task. FitnessTx was built solely out of that need; clinicians who train hard to treat the training athlete.



The highest quality, individualized care for an exceptional experience. Schedule today to get exactly what you’ve been looking for: Solutions — in your control, in your environment, and in your language.


What We Treat

From Headaches to Turf Toe - We have you covered. 

Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Upper back/Scapula
Elbow Tendinopathy
Low back pain
Hip impingement
Knee pain
Achilles’ tendinopathy
Ankle pain



*FitnessTx is a fee-for-service provider with payment due on date of service.



Physical Therapy

Dealing with an injury, pain, or limitation that's holding you back from your lifestyle? Schedule an appointment today for a full physical therapy evaluation and treatment plan to get you feeling great and active again. 



Treat to train - Active recovery Session

Short recovery sessions - before or after a training session - designed to aid in your recovery and set you up for your next workout. Stay ahead of the injuries - stay on course for your goals. 



Train without pain -  online programming

Supplemental strength or mobility programming, tailored by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, designed to attack your weaknesses and improve your movement capabilities. Ideal for post-rehabilitative, imbalances, or movement asymmetries. 




FitnessTx is about aiding your pursuit of greater health.

Dr Mitch Babcock is a Physical Therapist and CrossFit Level I Trainer with a primary purpose of helping others pursue a greater state of health through fitness. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in exercise science, Mitch went on to receive his Doctorate in physical therapy to better understand the human movement system and help others recover from the injuries & limitations hindering their performance. With personal training experience in CrossFit, as a NPC physique competitor & in endurance events, Mitch continues to test his physical potential daily in order to better help you reach yours. 



  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Certified MobilityWOD Movement & Mobility Specialist
  • Certified Functional Movement Screen
  • Certified Selective Functional Movement Assessment 
  • Certified RockTape Level 2 FMT 

Our Office

We see the best place to solve movement- and training-related issues is within the training environment. FitnessTx is located within CrossFit Tuebor in Holly, MI. Stop in and see us - and feel welcome to drop in for a workout with the class when you're done. 

3045 Grange Hall Rd
Suite 1
Holly, MI 48442


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Have questions on services offered at FitnessTx or how we can help? We'd love to answer them for you. Drop your message in the form provided or call the number below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks! 


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